Atelier Néerlandais

A language driven identity

Atelier Néerlandais

Atelier Néerlandais visual identity

art direction and design Nikki van Onna, Johannes Verwoerd
coding Oscar Orton
font Sjoerd Hendrik de Roos & Dick Dooijes, Tetterode
client Caroline van Tilburg, Dutch Embassy Paris

Atelier Néerlandais is a Paris-based platform for Dutch creatives and cultural entrepreneurs. The successor of Institut Néerlandais, Atelier Néerlandais began its role of stimulating Dutch creativity in the home of fashion, baguettes and chansons in 2015. Ready to communicate to a bilingual public, the identity is based on language and movement – online and offline.

Signage at the entrance to Atelier Néerlandais.
mise en place

The organization is a place in which creativity can flow and do its own thing, something expressed in the design concept. The key focus was language, which already played an integral role in the atelier’s communication. Since the company itself is in the background, the logo and branding are minimized to their most basic forms: a textual logo and typeface in black and white. Almost a non-identity.

The identity represents a mentality instead of the organization behind it

We started with a Dutch typeface, Nobel, which was designed in the 19th century. Modernizing it by developing a new ‘a’, we added an outline version and renamed the new font Nobelle – a French ode to the Dutch original.

Bilingual titles play the most prominent role in the identity and characterize the atelier’s modus operandi: a union of two words, two cultures. A duet for two languages that expresses their similarities and differences.
Two languages interact in a weightless environment

Like helium balloons, letters float almost weightlessly, gently colliding and influencing each other’s positions. The subtle movements were integrated into the website and company e-mail signatures.

The idea of emptiness was achieved through animation
The identity celebrates both differences and similarities
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