Toile Magazine
Toile Magazine

A publication on innovation in fashion

Toile Magazine art direction, editorial design

art direction and design Johannes Verwoerd Studio
editor in chief Alexandra Onderwater
production Enya Moore
creative consult Manon Schaap
client Frame Publishers
Toile magazine is a publication by FRAME Publishers focussing on innovation in fashion, approaching it as a design discipline. The magazine caters both the professional an the consumer alike.

In French, toile means ‘canvas’. In the fashion world, the word refers to a spatial sketch for a garment that’s typically made from the same material. A product one step further in the design process is called a toile de luxe.

Toile’s mission is to inspire innovation among fashion professionals and to help them counteract challenges facing the industry. Can beauty be more than applying rouge or cream? Which talents truly understand the zeitgeist? How can technology be applied in the fashion system? What is the new luxury?

Printed matter provokes a new meaning

The design of the magazine responds to the question of what a printed magazine can be in an era of digitalization. Our answer? Something tactile, which capitalizes on the fact that printed matter has (potentially) three times the resolution of the average computer screen.

The magazine focuses on tactility – it’s an object you want to touch
We collaborated with some amazing (fashion) designers, stylists and photographers for Toile, including Aitor Throup, Anouk van Kalmthout, John McCarty, Maaike Staal, Maarten van der Horst, Peggy Kuiper, and Petrovsky and Ramone, which was great without exception. Thank you all.

The magazine was launched during Paris Fashion Week 2016 at Yvon Lambert Bookshop in Le Marais.

If not sold out, Toile can still be purchased here.